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The Achievers | Business Collection



Your office style or business dressing entirely depends on your choice of profession and off course your personal fashion preference. There are no rules, but there is always a fashion conduct that you will find the ambitious lot are committed to. Just a hint: “perhaps it is the little something that is hindering your promotion”. That’s just why we created the business collection for ‘The Achievers’.

“The Professional Edge”

Everyday office wear, business lunch or Friday dressing, yes, it is important to determine the course of your working day before you pull out something from the wardrobe. So, you might want to add a blazer with your jeans and t-shirt, just to up your style for the easy days.

“More than a shirt”

The trickiest bit about the work attire is choosing the right shirt. So, are you going with neutral colours or dark tones or the good old formal stripes; will it be a tucked out, stand-up collar in a slim fit or a tuck in regular collar? Our recommendation for the season would be a neutral bottom and coloured top.

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