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Denim & Trending Blues

Can you imagine anyone not owning a denim pair of jeans? It is a fashion necessity or let us say your wardrobe essential. For the laid-back moments, with ruffled hair, no one in sight, except you and your sleek machine; yup that is a perfect day for dandy jeans, and so the “The Dudes”.




A fashion trend that has been around for over a century, and it just keeps getting better. From raw jeans to the stonewashed, from different shades of blue to blacks and greys. We have even got the cool and causal white denim that is an occasional sooth to the mood.

“Unbelievably denim”

We are not making this up, but truly there’s jeans formal and jeans casual. The former is the more expensive unwashed jeans, which goes perfectly with suede boots, and the latter would be your style, your comfort jeans with a pair of trainers or loafers, if your like.

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