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URBANE | Male Fashion Essentials | Smart Casual

male fashion essentials


The Urbane Collection is keeping the edge of extreme sophistication and keeping your fashion style trendy and smart. It’s a male fashion essentials, where your blazer isn’t over-dressed, and the suspenders make you more fetching. So, here’s the real deal with the urbane, the smooth talkers, the suave, the undeniable charmers, that unknowingly, always seem to steal the limelight.

A Male Fashion Essentials, THE URBANE

male fashion essentials

A male fashion essentials, that says you’re born ready.”

Night or day, the best part of the urbane collection, which is a male fashion essentials, is that it’s not ruled by time, just the occasion. Frankly, you’ll find yourself perfectly dressed for an evening business dinner or a full day workshop, some might even choose it for an exceptional night out with their lady love.

“The backbone of male’s fashion essentials”

If you are going with the classic slim-fit trousers, you might want to accessorize with the trending suspenders; oh yes!!! They are back in vogue, a male fashion essential, and in all probability, they will add just the right amount of pizzazz.

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