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Our mission is to bring the finest quality and latest trends at affordable prices all while creating emotional connections with our customers. We aim to do this by providing them with the right dressing advice, inspiring product designs, and a unique store experience.


We aim to create a brand that provides growth opportunities for the company and its employees, whilst achieving the goal of becoming a leader in affordable luxury fashion.



We always focus on delivering an outstanding experience to our customers by helping them choose what suits them best.

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customer’s life by delivering high value products and services.


We have a team of fashion experts that are always ready to help our customers choose the best and provide them with advice based on their preferences.


We feel inspired by authentic quality. That’s why we always make sure to provide our clients with high end fabrics and fine cuts all at affordable prices, and luxuriousness in every detail.


Square privilege club is the exclusive loyalty program for our valued customers. Each card offers different benefits.

Square Privilege Club members are entitled to special rewards and services throughout the year.

Noble /ˈnəʊb(ə)l/ : Having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles.

We open our eyes to witness many different things – things that defines us. With time, we discover and create our own world; we become sharp and more recognizable.

We become Noble.

Once you collect 2000 points at Square, you qualify for our Noble Card which offers discount of 10% on all items purchased from Square menswear.

Majestic /məˈdʒes.tɪk/ : Powerful, or causing great admiration and respect.

We experience different phases in life – phases that shape us. Eventually, we start to choose comfort and what matters to us. We revive and step into challenges.

We become Majestic.

Once you collect 4000 points at Square, you qualify for the Majestic Card which brings you a discount of 15% on all items purchases from Square menswear.

Legendary /ˈle-jən-ˌder-ē/: Remarkable enough to be famous; very well known.

With time everything turns into a lesson: our choices, actions, and thoughts – everything. We grow wise to become the best version of ourselves, all to be remembered as Legendary.

We become Legendary.

Once you collect 6000 points at Square, you qualify for the Legendary Card which entitles you to a discount of 20% on all items purchases from Square menswear.

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