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Men Scarves vs. Women Scarves – Is There a Difference?

Scarves have become an integral part of most modern wardrobes for men and for women. In simple terms, a scarf is just a single length of fabric that can be worn by wrapping it over your head or around your neck or shoulders. This piece of fashion statement has been a staple of the clothing industry for over two centuries now.

Bearing in mind that most clothing products have been categorized into gender-specific groups, the discriminating eye has turned to scarves spreading widespread confusion as to whether there is a difference between men scarves and women scarves.

However, the one fact which everyone seems to agree upon is that the gorgeous looks of these accessories combined with their essential practicality have made them a favorite fashion accessory for many people.

Some people wear scarves to shield their necks and shoulders from the chilly winter breeze, while others wear them to add elegance and sophistication to their outfits. Of course, some enjoy both aspects of it as well.

However, there are plenty more benefits to wearing a scarf than what most people realize. Scarves help protect your skin from hostile outdoor conditions such as direct sunlight, dust, and dirt. This contributes to keeping your skin young, smooth, and clean.

Nevertheless, coming back to the debate on the difference between men scarves and women scarves. This article aims to shine a light on this bewildering matter and clear it for you.

Is There a Difference between Men Scarves and Women Scarves?

The short answer is YES! There are a few subtle differences between the two types of scarves. These differences can usually be found in the scarves’ size, color, fabric, and design. However, for many people, this difference is near to non-existent, and as long as they like a certain scarf, they don’t care which gender they’re meant for.

However, fashion enthusiasts have a different perspective on this matter. Fashion enthusiasts meticulously plan and execute their outfits and have a zero-tolerance policy towards any fashion faux pas. For this reason, they are extremely conscious about even the smallest details of their fashion accessories, and gender exclusivity is surely one of them.

Having said that, there are manufacturers and renowned brands that have introduced unisex scarves in the market. This emphasizes the point that scarves can be shared among genders.

How Do Men Scarves Differ from Women Scarves?


Scarves for men rarely ever incorporate creative designs or patterns. They are usually solid-colored, striped, or have varying shades of the same color for a bit of contrast. On the other hand, women scarves can be found with various patterns and details such as open-knit lacework or recurring branding logos.


Men scarves are usually designed to be as tall as the person wearing them. The scarves aren’t custom-sized for each individual but are sized according to the average height of men. As such, scarves for men are generally longer and wider than women’s scarves. Moreover, scarves for women also come in a much broader range of sizes.


Novelty fabrics such as furs, cashmere yarns, and luxurious silks are generally exclusive to scarves designed for women. Of course, there may be exceptional cases when men may have custom-designed scarves made out of expensive materials mentioned above.

Generally, men scarves are made with durable wool and lack the presence of any extravagant fibers. Although, a solid-colored long cashmere scarf serves as a classic fashion accessory for men’s outfits.


The scarves designed for men are usually toned in darker colors such as brown, navy blue, black, and gray. Moreover, the design is also simpler with solid colors or sometimes stripes. Women scarves tend to come in more colorful combinations such as pink and white. However, there is no distinct gender-exclusive color theme, and women scarves may also use dark and neutral colors.

Square For Men - Men scarves

Scarves for Women

Chiffon Scarves

These luxurious scarves are lightweight, slightly transparent, and come in a variety of elegant color shades and combinations, bestowing you with a sophisticated look. The breathable material keeps your skin cool and comfortable. These scarves are purely used as a fashion statement as the light fabric does not do well in shielding your neck against harsh cold winds.

Silk Scarves

These scarves are renowned for their silky smooth feel and their vibrant colors. In the earlier days, silk was a favorite fabric of the royals of the time and was exclusive only to the rich and powerful.

This premium material, with its elegant look and feel, makes for an ideal scarf for women. These sensational scarves also have the benefit of helping your skin retain its moisture, thereby preventing it from drying up during the cold winters.

Velvet Scarves

Velvet is perhaps one of the most plush fabrics used throughout the entire textile industry. Thick velvet scarves wrapped around your neck gently caress your skin, endowing a sense of comfort.

The scarf also does well in insulating your neck against the harsh cold winds you may encounter during the winters. Moreover, these scarves look extremely elegant and premium, perfectly complementing your formal and casual outfits.

Viscose Scarves

One of the most popular scarves among the ladies due to their being lightweight and having a variety of vibrant colors that go well with your daily casual and semi-formal outfits. The silk-like feel and the breathable fabric have garnered them the favor of many women.

Square For Men - Men Scarves vs. Women Scarves – Is There a Difference?

Scarves for Men

Wool Scarves

Wool is the most common and popular textile material because of its hard-wearing nature and excellent insulating properties. Wool scarves are durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the thick warm wool works wonders in keeping your neck and face warm during the cold, harsh winters. The fabric is remarkably breathable and soft to the touch granting you comfort, warmth, and style.

Acrylic Scarves

Acrylic scarves are ideal for casual outfits with their appealing designs and color patterns. These scarves are just as soft as wool and as a bonus, are a less expensive option. Acrylic fibers are lightweight, meaning that these scarves are lighter than wool scarves and offer a perfect alternative for men that are allergic to wool.

Moreover, the fabric is resistant to wrinkles and is quite durable and long-lasting. This is most certainly one of the best men scarves in the market.

Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere is one of the most cherished fabrics in the fashion industry. This material has excellent insulating properties keeping you warm during the cold winters. Moreover, it is light and breathable enough to not make you sweat during the summers making it an all-season material. Cashmere scarves boast a classic handsome look and go well with casual and formal attire enhancing your aesthetics to a whole other level.

Final Thoughts

Even though brands and retail stores market their scarves as gender-specific, no hard and fast rule in the fashion world supports this gender exclusivity. In short, if you like a Wikipedia scarf details placed in the opposite gender’s section, go for it. At the end of the day, the main purpose of fashion apparel is to make you feel good about yourself, regardless of your gender.

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