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Leather Jacket, Cardigans: These Are The Top Different Men’s Clothes Style

From Leather jacket to cardigan, there are endless style options available for everyone . As men’s fashion evolves with time, new styles and categories become available for the trend-conscious dresser. With that being said, endless styles come confusion about pairing which t-shirt with which sweater, which cardigan with which jacket, or which boots with which jacket to create the perfect look.

If you don’t know how to tell them apart, here is a comprehensive guide to highlight top different men’s clothes style that you can try:

Casual for the daily comfort

The beauty of casual mens fashion is in being laid-back and comfortable with your style. Besides, no one’s judging you on a casual day out, which is why you can whip out your most comfy t-shirt or the softest pair of trousers you own.

Comfortable t-shirts and trousers

Casual t-shirts are a godsend, especially when the weather is super warm. Whether you like cool tones or a bright pop of color, t-shirts are a great way you style your casual outfit.

Moreover, another great thing about t-shirts is the versatility it brings to your style profile because it can go with almost anything, even a cool sweater. Although, if you think it’s going to be a bit chilly at the beach, you can pair a t-shirt with a light jacket, cardigan, or an outer t-shirt for an added layer.

On the other hand, if looking like a star ready for a concert is your vibe, pair your t-shirt with distressed denim and a pair of boots to steal the show.

Denim on Denim Action

Denim has a superpower of looking chic no matter how you wear it. From the fabric to the colors, denim shirts are a fashion statement within themselves. Try pairing a denim shirt with your favorite denim jeans is one style from the early 2000s that we still can’t seem to get over.

That being said, the new Square for Men’s camo printed denim shirts are all the rage. The Navy, Indigo, Light Blue, Beige Olive, and Black colors give you endless style options for a casual day in or out. Additionally, the flat button pockets give the denim shirt an elegant look that can be worn on any casual occasion with ease. Try wearing a denim shirt as a jacket over a t-shirt with boots for a casual yet preppy look!

Square Form Men - Leather jacket - cardigan - t-shirt - boots - shirt

Moccasins when flip-flops just won’t do

Not going to lie; casual shoes are a bit of a challenge. It is always best to switch out flip-flops for casual shoes such as a chic pair of moccasins to tie your casual outfit together.

Moccasins look great with denim, chino shorts, and trousers. Better yet, you can match your moccasins with your shirt or jacket to create a put-together casual look.

Sports Chic with the perfect Leather jacket

Sports Chic is the combination of an athletic look with hints of leisure. This laid-back style is one of the hottest trends in 2021. With combinations of jackets, sweaters, trousers, boots, and polo t-shirts, you can create a sports chic look in no time.

Polo T-shirts for the win

There is nothing like a cool and crisp polo t-shirt that accentuates your shoulders and collar bones no matter what you pair it with. In addition, you can consider polo t-shirts to be a sports chic upgrade of casual t-shirts that give you a cool and sophisticated look all year round. You can pair a crisp tennis collared polo t-shirt with a jacket and some plain trousers for a chic yet sporty look.

Not to mention, sports chic is all about making your body look good in a mix of sporty yet fashionable pieces. You want to be comfortable but also dress up to carry a style profile.

Square for men - Leather jacket - cardigan - t-shirt - boots - shirt

You simply cannot do without a Leather jacket

A jacket can bring the chic in sports chic men’s style. Undoubtedly, a leather jacket is the epitome of men’s style since several years before us. Considering how a leather can change the way a man looks makes it safe to say that leather jackets won’t be going out of style any time soon.

The Square for Men jacket collection is made from 100% genuine leather to give you the luxurious yet reckless feel you need when you slip on a jacket. Pairing a plain cool-toned t-shirt with a leather jacket and solid leather boots gives us some serious Winchester Brothers vibes. However, you could go for a sweater, but Leather is a better sports chic option.

Trendy Sneakers for the style & comfort to match that Leather Jacket

Is there anything better than a bouncy pair of comfortable sneakers for your feet? We think not. An airy pair of sneakers is all you need to complete that sports chic look for a day or night out. With the rise of athleisure products in the market, sneakers are also at the peak of style.

That being said, Square for Men has various sneakers in several designs and styles for you to choose from. You can mix and match your sneaker style with a jacket, shirt, or even a sweater if it’s cold outside. Remember, good quality sneakers can be the perfect companion for your feet no matter how long your walk is.

Smart Casual: laid back but with style

There was a time when men’s style was divided into what they wore to work and what they wore at home. However, with the changing dynamics of the job industry, men’s fashion has also evolved.

Smart Casual usually comes in handy when there’s a meeting but not in a boardroom, a trip to the hospital but not as a doctor-on-vacation. Smart casual lets you be comfortable while being ready to take on work if needed.

Sweater weather when a Leather jacket doesn’t make the cut

If you live in a colder climate, or if winters are about to come, investing in a good sweater is never a wrong decision. A classy sweater is an integral part of a man’s wardrobe regardless of the place you reside in.

Consider buying a sweater in shades of grey, shades of blue, and even black. Darker-colored sweaters keep you warm and make your body appear slimmer even with the bulky knit wrapped around your body.

Time to kick up those Boots with a jacket

Several types of boots can fit your style profile perfectly if you’re looking for something smart casual. Leather boots are both classy and rustic, giving you a hint of cowboy-meets-business look every time you pair your boots with your favorite pants and a jacket.

Do not hesitate to pair a classic pair of leather boots with a simple t-shirt and your favorite denim for a rockstar look, or keep it simple with a button-down linen shirt. Either way, boots are going to make your smart-casual style turn out super fine.

Square For Men - Leather jacket - cardigan - shirt - boots - shirt

Oxford Shirts are a staple

In men’s fashion, button-down shirts like oxford shirts are a fashion staple. You can pair them with a jacket or a cardigan to create a smart casual going out around-the-town look or pair them with chino shorts for a day at the park or the country club.

What makes an oxford shirt essential is how easy it is to dress it up or dress it down. Let’s suppose you have a casual dinner, but it’s bound to get cold. In that case, pair your oxford shirt with a V-neck sweater or a cardigan for that perfect smart casual look.

Business Classic when a Leather jacket won’t fit the memo

For someone on the corporate ladder of success, business classic is definitely their style of choice. With Don Draper or Wolf of Wall Street style journal as your inspiration, a fine tailored suit is all you need.

Dress for success with a Three-piece Suit

If you want to dress for success, then three-piece suits should be your wardrobe staple. Nothing makes a man look more appealing than a well-made suit that fits in all the right places.

Pair a superior quality three-piece suit with a plain button-down shirt to level up your business classic game. Undoubtedly, the suit has to be super crisp for a classic business style to give you the confidence boost you need for success.

Loafers can make or break a look

Sleek loafers with a high-quality sheen can complement your suit any day. Invest in a good pair of loafers for all your business classic meetings and meet-ups. Not only do they look classy every time you walk around the office floor, but they also feel like a house of luxury for your feet. Square for Men has a timeless collection of loafers that can fit all classic business needs ideally. You can even pair your loafers with a jacket or just an oxford shirt for an instant formal look.

Cardigan to save you from the chills when you can’t wear a Leather jacket

If leather does not seem fit for the occasion, then a cardigan is a great alternative too. A slim cardigan can elevate your business classic style to the maximum with its formal look. You can wear your cardigan on top of a linen or oxford button-down shirt for a cold night. Similarly, you can even pair a cardigan with a different jacket for an occasion that can get colder such as a rooftop event.

Classic all the way

Classic suits, blazers, and jackets can never go out of style. No matter the occasion, you can always rely on a good old double-breasted suit to make you look fashion-forward.

Double-Breasted blazers for double the points

Many styles have come and gone, but pants with double-breasted jackets have always stuck around. The best part about these double-breasted jackets is that you can keep them formal, or you can even pair them with a t-shirt for a business casual look. Similar to a leather, a good double-breasted blazer always keeps a man in style.

One-Buttoned & Two-buttoned Suits

Square for Men houses several varieties of blazers, suits, and jackets for those who like to keep it simple and classic. You can opt for a one-buttoned or a two-buttoned suit to give off a more formal vibe. With many colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, you can pick out a suit that matches your personality best.

Accessorize with Cufflinks & Suit Pins

No classic look is complete with suit accessorize designed to make your suit stand out from the rest. From cufflinks with intricate designs and suit pins to add a hint of luxury, suit accessories are not something you should skip out on. Match your metals. If you add a silver accent to your outfit, ensure that you aren’t adding any bronze or gold to it.

Can’t wear your Leather jacket to a wedding? Keep it classy and formal

Are you looking for something ceremonial? Can’t wear your leather to a wedding? Maybe a Tuxedo is what you are looking for. Ceremonial style is all about the shiny clean-cut look that brings out the best man within you.

Royal Tuxedo fit for a King

Whether you’re the groom or the best man, a royal tuxedo can do you proper justice. Never shy away from dressing up at a ceremony because a tuxedo is a man’s best friend. Ensure that you pair your tuxedo with a superior quality white shirt and accessorize to tie the whole look together. However, with a classic crisp tuxedo – less is more.

Silk Bowtie to add luster

What’s incomplete without a bowtie? That’s right, a bowtie! Invest in a gorgeous silk bowtie that can give you the confidence you need to walk down that aisle. Whether you’re going square dancing or to a benefit gala, a superior quality bowtie completes your ceremonial look like nothing else.

If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, try Square for Men’s knit bowtie to give yourself a bold and chunky knit look that makes you stand out from the rest.

Oxford Shoes to tie everything together

Oxford Shoes add a touch of elegance to your outfit and help you stand out in the crowd. Especially with ceremonial dressing, these intricately designed shoes can give you a whole new look. Oxford shoes have more refined details and high-end stitching compared to other informal shoes.

Made with plump genuine leather, the interior and exterior of oxford shoes always make you feel like you’re wearing luxury. Flexible to use in ceremonies, balls, fancy dinners, and business meetings, these men’s shoes are the ultimate men’s fashion.

Be it a Blazer, Cardigan or Leather jacket. Your Style is Up To You!

Even though there are so many styles, designs, and categories to choose from, never forget that your true style comes from what you feel most comfortable in. Be it a cardigan, leather jacket, sneakers… Give different styles a try, and you’ll surely find what suits you best in no time.

Happy Shopping 🙂

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