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How Many Accessories Should You Wear | Men’s Fashion Guide

If you ever had a question about how many accessories should you wear, you are in the right place. From gents hand bracelet and bow ties to belts and scarves, we have put together all the must-have accessories for men in this blog. Read on to level up your fashion game.

Men’s Accessories

Everything added to your usual pants and shirt attire is a fashion accessory. So does that make a blazer an accessory? No, although it can be considered an accessory to some extent as it’s definitely an addition to your shirt and jeans. However, when categorizing men wear jackets and blazers come under the clothing section. Accessories are any small items that you add to your outfit to make it look unique. Jackets and blazers are larger pieces of clothing that can be worn like a zipper-hoodie, making it a piece of clothing rather than an accessory.

So how many accessories should you wear? Although men accessories are smaller add-ons, the primary purpose of each item is to give your outfit a personalized touch. For example, wearing a stylish gents hand bracelet with your semi-formal attire can make you look cooler. However, on the flipside overdoing with accessories can bring your entire outfit into question. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the stunning must-have pieces of male accessories available at Square.

·How Many Accessories Should You Wear | The Bracelet Version

If you are someone who’s never worn a bracelet, it’s about time that you invest in one. According to some of the latest fashion surveys, gents hand bracelets are the most used item of the year. Your personality and clothing style have a direct impact on what types of bracelets you should wear.

If you are someone who’s into street style or classic clothing, a braided leather bracelet will fit your style perfectly. However, if you are an entrepreneur and everyday clothing attire comprises formal suits and ties, a luxurious looking wood beaded bracelet is the best choice to make.

Exactly how many accessories should you wear? Well, when it comes to bracelets, the size and style play a significant role. The rule is that if you are wearing thin cord or beaded bracelets, you can stack as many as you want. However, if you are opting for a metal band, wearing one is enough.

Are you confused about how many accessories should you wear with your business look? Start by getting yourself a classy tie clip, a bow tie or a simple tie and contrasting cufflinks. However, if you are already familiar with men accessories, try to elevate your look by adding unique suit pins to your formal blazer or suit. For example, if you are a chemistry professor, a silver molecule pin attached to your suit will represent your profession by refining your overall look.

Therefore, when wearing a plain formal suit, keep in mind to accessorize your attire with a matching tie or bow tie, uniquely crafted cufflinks, and a pin to make you stand out of the crowd.

·How Many Accessories Should You Wear | The Belt Version

Never underestimate the value of a leather belt. If appropriately worn, a belt does more than just hold your pants up; it plays an essential role in bringing your whole outfit together. Imagine wearing a simple polo shirt tucked into plain chinos; without a contrasting belt, that outfit would only look dull and boring. However, adding a black and brown belt to your outfit can elevate the entire look.

To find the perfectly fitted belt, go for the belt size that passes the first belt loop and not the second one. Such that the tip of your belt should ideally sit between the first and second belt loop of your pants. Moreover, never use scissors or punching machines to punch a belt hole; instead, go to professionals and request them to punch the hole according to your belt needs.

When looking for the perfect belt, whether professional or casual, you should remember to buy the one that matches your shoe color. However, if you are buying a belt from Square, you can get a matching gents hand bracelet to complement your clothing style.

Get Your Hands on Trending Accessories for Men

Now that you know how many accessories should you wear and how to style them, ensure that all your accessories are in good shape. If you are looking for stylish men accessories, get them from Square right away!

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