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What Do Women Like Men to Wear?

Are you wondering what do women like men to wear? At Square, we have all the accessories and clothing designed to make you stand out from the crowd. However, not everything that a man wears may look good on him. Several men have tried everything from classic pointy boots to statement suits but are still left in vain. Although everyone has personal preferences, a few pieces of clothing can undoubtedly charm any woman who sets eyes on you.

So, to all the men around the globe, if you want to know what do women like men to wear and how to dress like a classic man, just delve into our blog, and everything else will be a cakewalk.

What Do Women Like Men to Wear? The Classic Suit Edition

Men’s formal wear fashion has been evolving faster than it ever has. Regardless of all the new styles out there in the market, the significance of owning a classic suit cannot be understated. A suit isn’t only highly comfortable but also sets a professional persona on the wearer.

The cutting styles of these suits ensure less constriction and freedom of movement. So, if you are always occupied with work and are searching for what women like men to wear, owning a classic dark-colored suit will do the trick.

How to Dress Like a Classic Man (Classic Men’s Style): The Classic Suit Version

First of all, classic suits are the easiest to find in the fashion market. All types of classic suit cuts and colors are available according to your unique body type and within your budget range. If you aren’t comfortable with slim-fit and are looking for a suit option that guarantees a timeless look that gives an impressive vibe; a classic suit is all you need.

Moreover, the classic suit shape is a time-honored and all-weather fit that is perfect for everyday wear. Therefore, having a suit in your wardrobe is essential for every guy looking for style with comfort.

1.Three-Button vs. Two-Button Classic Suits

Men’s fashion is all about detail. The classic suit comes with buttons made from bull horn or wood. Surprisingly, the number of buttons your suit has plays a significant role in how your suit fits and ultimately what women like men to wear

A two-buttoned suit is more flattering and stylish because the low placements of buttons make the lapels longer, ultimately making you look smarter.

However, a three-buttoned suit is still considered the forever style. Therefore, when styling up a three-buttoned suit, a high button stance gives a shallow v-shape, followed by the must-be-closed middle button and its-completely-up to-you third button.

2.Classic Suit Style 101

For a more traditional, business-like appearance, the suit pants and jackets must be of the same material and color. However, you can spice things up by playing with color combinations for a bolder, unique look.

For example, for a perfect professional look, wear a navy blue suit with a formal white shirt underneath or a forever classic black suit with black shoes that can inspire any lady who passes by.

What Do Women Like Men to Wear? (Clothing that women find attractive) The Tuxedo Edition

If asked what do women like men to wear, a “Tuxedo” is undoubtedly the best style choice to make. At first glance, tuxedos and suits may seem quite similar. However, they are two completely different men’s clothing styles.

A tuxedo is much more than a black and white suit with traditional neckwear (usually a bow). The most prominent difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the use of silk satin designed on the lapels and buttons.

How to Dress Like a Classic Man: The Tuxedo Version

A tuxedo is primarily designed to elevate or, in other words, level up your day-to-day suit style. Although it’s a statement of achievement and success, only you can decide if you need a tuxedo or not. Therefore, mediate and search your soul to know which formalwear calls for your physique best!

3.Tuxedo Jacket Styles

Although choosing the perfect tuxedo jacket might sound like a piece of cake, but there are a lot of things other than the color that you need to consider when putting your look together. There are primarily three types of lapel styles for you to choose from if you’re figuring out how to dress like a classic man; the notch lapels are a perfect blend of a chest open-wide jacket collar and a lapel. The notch lapels give a casual vibe; therefore, restrain from wearing them at formal events.

The shawl collars, on the other hand, are more round-shaped neck-chest lines. They have more panache, and so is the best choice for a black-tie event. However, they aren’t as formal as the peak lapel. They are highly formal traditional wear designed to make you look taller and slimmer.

4.Double-Breasted Jackets

Inspired by the Wall Street look, these jackets have two sets of buttons and overlapping flaps. Therefore, the double-breasted jacket are the forever choice of what do women like men to wear as they will surely get heads to turn for guys who want a bold look with a slimmer cut.

5.Shirt Styles

The tuxedo shirt is the blank canvas that lets your jacket and neckwear shinny. From wing tip collars to spread collars, a tux shirt says a lot about your personality and the event’s vibe. Therefore, always think deeply before choosing the right formal tux shirt.

6.Tuxedo Pants

A tuxedo pant has two vertical satin strips on each side. The strips are a minimalistic design to make your legs look elongated and your look more versatile.

7.Tuxedo Shoes

When pairing up shoes with your tux, remember that less is more. The patent leather shoes are the simplest go-to choice; however, the loafers and cap toe shoes spark your look with a modern persona.

Owning a tuxedo, in simple words, is a crowning achievement that is bound to allure every lady who looks at you.

What Do Women Like Men to Wear? The Ceremony Suit Edition

If asked how to dress like a classic man on your big day? A ceremony suit is your best option. Being the most important day of your life, your ceremony suit should make the sharpest appearance in the crowd.

The premium quality suit is supposed to be designed in contrast to your wedding day theme. Everything from your choice of classic suit or a tuxedo to the color and material of cloth plays an essential role in elevating your formal look.

How to Dress Like a Classic Man: The Ceremony Suit Version

What women like men to wear at a ceremony? A classic two-piece suit is usually the most on-point option for you. However, even wearing a simple suit comes with rules- if you want to look sharp on a budget, a solid color suit is the best go-to option. So, if you are opting for a classic dark-colored suit, contrasting it with a light color shirt and a simple tie will set an elegant persona.

Wedding Suit Cuts and Styles

So, how to dress like a classic man on your wedding day? A double-breasted tuxedo adds formality and weight to your wedding look. The suit should be worn with a high-formality tux shirt and a matching necktie. However, a matching waistcoat will level up your look a charismatic notch. When choosing the right wedding shirt, keep in mind that your shirt’s color will be in every picture you take. Hence, make sure that it not only fits but also compliments your overall look.

Weddings are all about details; thereby, opt for a simple, elegant outfit yet makes you look special. Consider your budget, review your options, align it with the theme and make sure to select and try the ceremony suit weeks before the big day. As only then your classy spotlight suit will take your special ones’ breathe away.

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Your clothes say more about your personality than you might interpret. Once you know how to dress like a classic man, you will automatically know the secret of what women like men to wear. To find your perfect fit suit, visit us.

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