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Fashion for Men: Men Clothes 2021 Top Trends

Superior quality mens fashion pieces are the holy grail for any man’s smart casual wardrobe. Every clothing store doesn’t understand the critical elements of mens fashion and mens shoes that make them desirable. From the cut, texture, design to the high-end trims and finishing, it is crucial to find a clothing store that is right for you. It is equally important for suits, shirts, chinos, or jackets for men, to be made with quality and care to be an essential fit for any men’s profile.

From mens shoes to all kinds of clothing, here is a rundown of the latest men’s fashion 2021:

Latest Fashion Clothing Trends in Smart Casual Shirts for Men

Shirts (whether you wear them on their own or paired with a suit) can make or break a look. Being an integral part of men’s fashion, smart casual shirts have always been in high demand. Moreover, with good quality material and chic designs, it is extremely easy to transition from formal to smart casual clothing and vice versa. Therefore, paired with jackets for men or formal mens shoes, a smart casual shirt can steal the show in no time.

Colored Printed T-shirts

The Square For Men’s colored printed t-shirts can fit you perfectly with their slim fit and seamless stitching. The t-shirt collection highlights a lot of variety in design, material, and colors. Whether you like a plain simple round neck or a bold V neck, these colored printed t-shirts are a fit for all your clothing needs.

While balancing men’s fashion and comfort, these T-shirts leave behind other clothing stores with their quality and 100% cotton material. The digital prints and leather detailing allow you to pick out the style that suits you best. Additionally, they are available in more than five colors to choose from: Olive, Navy, Black, White, Brick, Indigo, Light Blue, and Mixed Colors.

Denim Shirts

These military printed epic denim shirts are everything this summer! With styled buttons and double flat pearl buttoned pockets, these denim shirts can be your 2021 fashion statement. Besides, being available in navy, indigo, light blue, beige olive, and black, a denim shirt can become endless clothing styles. Wear it with its long sleeves rolled up for a smart casual yet chic look!

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Linen Shirts

Linen Shirts are a classic when it comes to comfortable mens fashion. Also, they are easy to wear, stylish, and simple for multiple occasions. The Square for Men linen shirts has various collar styles to choose from, including the simple Mandarin collar, classic medium size collar, and buttoned-up collar.

Besides the comfort of the material, linen shirts can also be a great piece and can look good buttoned-up or paired with patterned or colorful buttons. However, if you want to keep things simple, the plain or striped design is perfect. Moreover, the linen shirt is available in white, blue, navy, light blue, light green, and grey.

Latest Fashion Clothing Trends in Smart Casual and Formal Shirts for Men

Knitted Polo’s

Knitted Polo’s are great for multiple occasions as a smart casual clothing option in men’s fashion. Paired with classy jackets for men, a top-quality knitted polo can bring an outfit to life. The short sleeves as knitted cotton material keeps the polo easy and breezy in the summer months.

The ready-to-wear item is perfect for any luncheon, party, or even a day at the mall. With a flat collar or V un-buttoned neck to choose from, the straight-fitted knitted polo by Square For Men is a men’s fashion staple. Available in many sport-chic colors such as White, Beige, Black, Navy, Brick, and Bordeaux.

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Oxford Shirts

Oxford Shirts have a thick and rich cotton fabric that is perfect for smart-casual options for multiple occasions. The classic look of an oxford shirt is unmatchable and is a must-have for any men’s wardrobe. The contrasted button pleats and straight fit gives off a classy vibe, complementing any man who wears it. With colors like white, black, blue, pink, navy, and beige to choose from, an oxford shirt needs to be your first choice in a clothing store.

Cotton Polo’s

Is it too hot for knitwear? Cotton polos are the answer. Available in black, navy, white, blue, indigo, grey, olive, and bordeaux, the cotton polo is necessary for a summer fashion wardrobe. The straight, slim-fit shirt can make any man look classy and summer chic with the added benefit of comfortable clothing.

This men’s fashion staple is something many clothing stores don’t focus on but can be a lifesaver, especially in summer events. With simple, plain, printed, or mixed color fabrics, this piece has the capacity to make you look effortlessly ready in under a minute. The Mandarin collar keeps things simple, while the leather and chic feather prints add a hint of fancy.

Top 2021 Fashion Trends in Jeans & Trousers

Regardless of shirt fashion trends, bottoms always need to keep up with the latest men’s fashion. The correct trousers paired with chic mens shoes can be an incredible look for indoor and outdoor events. Clothing stores that know how to roll out the latest trends in jeans and trousers are the ones worth looking for.

Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans are a staple for any man’s wardrobe. With its durability and effortless feel, denim jeans are always ready to wear. You can choose from a variety of washes and cuts to meet your clothing needs. Indigo, dark blue, navy, light blue, or black, you cannot go wrong with denim jeans. You can also opt for a cropped style or a pair that is skinny or straight-fitted. Whichever style you choose, denim jeans are one fashion clothing item that won’t ever let you down.

Chino Shorts

Knee-length chino shorts are perfect for the scorching summer heat. With 100% cotton material, Chino Shorts are the go-to sports chic wear that can look great with several shirt styles. The straight slim fit can help you keep things simple or liven things up by pairing it with a smart casual shirt. The foldable knee can also help you make use of these chinos in outdoor situations.

Linen Trousers

Linen Trousers are an excellent option for smart casual bottoms, especially for the summer. You can use them in different ways for lesser or more formal occasions. Available in multiple colors, you can use linen trousers in a variety of styles. Even though linen trousers have been in fashion before, their comfort and flexibility are out of this world. The soft fabric is the game changer when it comes to comparing linen trousers with the rest in men’s fashion.

Top 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends in Suits & Jackets for Men

It is safe to say that suits will never go out of fashion. Men’s clothing stores are incomplete without a good selection of crisp suits that make you look your best on any occasion. Jackets for men paired with formal and elegant mens shoes are a timeless combination that you can rely on.

Linen Suits

Suits don’t have to be heavy and super formal. Linen Suits are a great business smart casual alternative to heavy polyester clothing. If you are searching for a clothing store that makes the most comfortable linen suits and jackets for men, Square For Men is for you.

The soft, light material of the fabric is perfect for hotter climates, giving you a sports chic option that is suitable for customers of all ages. The high-end finishing allows you to create an effortless look that can look elegant with formal mens shoes, polo’s, and t-shirts. Available in a variety of colors and textures, Linen Suits are an excellent option for men’s fashion.

Single-breasted Suits

A simple textured single-breasted suit can be the perfect for business meetings, ceremonies, and parties alike. They are easy to wear with soft cotton and elastic material. If you are looking for suits and jackets for men that are business smart casual, then these single-breasted suits are ideal. Their superior quality leaves behind other clothing stores with their classy and chic look.

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Suit Separates

If you are looking for more flexibility, then business smart casual suit separates are your fashion calling. You can opt for suit separates in the same material or look for different textures that suit your fashion profile. You can mix and match each piece to create a new men’s look. All separate suit clothing pieces are suitable for all ages.

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Top 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends in Formal Suits & Jackets for Men

Three-piece Suits

Suits are an integral part of any men’s wardrobe. If you want to opt for clothing stores that offer the highest quality materials, then Square For Men is for you. Their three-piece business and smart casual suits are flexible for all occasions.

Their straight and slim fit nature helps you level up your suit fashion game with poise. With high-end finishing and detailing, these suits and jackets for men are of superior quality. Paired with ties and high-quality mens shoes, this three-piece suit can steal the spotlight.

Ceremony Tuxedos

Looking for something fancy for a ceremony? Square For Men’s Ceremony Tuxedos and jackets for men are the perfect classic chic suits for all your tuxedo needs. This ready-to-wear ceremony tuxedo can be a staple in your party collection not only for its superior quality material but its high-end finishing. Loaded with the ability to look good with multiple shirts, this ceremony tuxedo only needs a great pair of mens shoes to complete the look.

Double-breasted Suits

The Square For Men’s double-breasted suits is suitable for all ages. Not only are they easy to wear, but they are made from 100% cotton. Jackets for men look great when they are slim fit as it complements the shape of the body. With six elegantly placed buttons, this suit is highly recommended for all occasions.

Top 2021 Fashion Trends in Mens shoes

Always look for clothing stores that house the latest trends in mens shoes to keep your profile strong. From casual sneakers to more formal mens shoes such as loafers and moccasins, mens shoes are the final piece that ties an outfit together.


Premium quality sneakers help you stand out whenever you step outside the house. Be it exercise, sports, or a casual time out, you can wear sneakers for longer hours compared to other mens shoes. The sneakers can give you the core comfort you need while walking around for short or long distances.

Made from genuine leather exterior and interiors, sneakers can be suitable for all ages and men’s outfits. They are comfortable to wear and available variety of models to suit everyone’s clothing taste.

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The comfortable sole and exquisite craftsmanship on genuine leather, Square For Men Moccasins are the epitome of smart casual and formal men’s fashion. Available in a variety of colors and models, Moccasins are plain, simple, and chic mens shoes all at the same time. Suitable for all ages and flexible to use with all clothing styles, Moccasins are mens shoes that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Square For Men - fashion - mens fashion - smart casual - men's fashion - mens shoes

Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes add a touch of elegance to your outfit and help you stand out in the crowd. With these intricately designed mens shoes, give yourself a new look through finer details and high-end stitching.

Made with plump genuine leather, the interior and exterior of these oxford shoes feel like a luxury home for your feet. Flexible to use for all smart casual and business formal occasions, these mens shoes ate the ultimate men’s fashion.


Genuine leather loafers feature an upper casing with exquisite texture, which enhances their sleek shape. These loafers will become a mens shoes staple as they are easy to wear with exclusive colors and a variety of models.

The interior and exterior made with genuine leather help to keep the loafer in fine shape along with the high-end stitched trims. The padded footbed gives you comfort while keeping the smart casual and professional look intact. Loafers are must-have mens shoes for any man if it is a business, meeting, party, or ceremony.

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