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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Suit

Shop By Fit:

At Square you can find a suit that’s perfectly tailored for you, through filtering the fit that suits you best . From regular men’s fitted suits for everyday dressing to contemporary skinny fit suits, there’s a style for every gent and if you’re not sure which is for you, we have a handy suit fit guide to guarantee the perfect fit.


Shop By Style:

Why limit yourself to just one style? We gave you the opportunity to filter and choose high quality suits for every occasion, whether you want a two piece or three piece, a single breasted or double breasted suit for work or an event. Whatever you need, our extensive selection of suits with various colors sizes & fits has got you covered.


Shop By Design

Whatever your preference, our spectrum of suits has a design for every gent. From plain to checked, there’s no need to compromise on style, and with a textured material, every suit is finished with an extra pop of unique design.



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