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Men’s Fashion – Top 9 Choices for Affordable Clothing for Any Occasion

Men's Fashion

The idea behind men’s fashion is to make it easier for people to dress up for a particular occasion. It helps the attendees show up wearing similar outfits so that the occasion follows a neutral theme. Yet, more often than not, dress codes just make the process of getting ready more complex than it would have been otherwise – especially for men.

Men’s Fashion isn’t as versatile as it should be. And to make things worse, the good stuff almost always comes with a ridiculous price tag. With the fluctuating economy, it is getting more and more difficult to get clothes for all occasions.

Fortunately, it is possible to get men’s fashionable clothing without breaking the bank. Square is one such place that offers online men’s clothes shopping. It is one of the best online clothing stores that boasts a wide variety of fashion for men at affordable rates. Read on to find out how we can help you dress up for every occasion.

Formal Clothing

When it comes to men’s fashion formalwear, it seems like men don’t have a lot of choices floating around. In most cases, you can basically wear the same thing to your job interview as well as your cousin’s wedding. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Formal Clothing

At Square, we have a wide range of men’s fashion formalwear to choose from. You don’t have to wear the same black tuxedo to all formal events when you can mix and match by stocking up your closet with the following:


Every man should own at least two or three tuxedos; there aren’t two ways about this. Unfortunately, tuxedos are a rather expensive piece of clothing, as the good quality ones can cost up to thousands of dollars. Don’t worry; you don’t have to empty your bank account for a tuxedo. At Square, you can choose from a wide variety of high-quality tuxedos for less than $500, such as this Pitch Black Tuxedo.


Another essential item in every man’s closet is a suit. For occasions where a tuxedo may seem too over the top, a nice suit can do the trick. Choose from our range of affordable suits, including this Lagom Charcoal Suit, the Tacenda Light Navy Suit, or anything else from our catalogue.


When you’re not in the mood to put effort into your outfit, wearing a men’s fashion coat is a safe bet. Even if you wear it over a pair of slim-fit jeans, you would still be able to pull off a formal look. For instance, this Waterproof Navy Coat is perfect for all kinds of formal occasions.

Clothing for Semi-Formal Ceremonies

Dressing up for semi-formal events and ceremonies can be tricky. It is always difficult to comprehend exactly how semi-formal the event is supposed to be. The great thing is that when it comes to fashion for men, there are some safe bets that work for all semi-formal events.


A nice men’s fashion blazer can work for just about any event but is particularly great for a semi-formal dinner or a karaoke night. Unlike suits and tuxedos, blazers come in all sorts of different shapes and colors. From this Refined Navy Blazer to this Super Slim Brown Blazer, you will certainly find something that fits your style and budget at our store.


If you’re looking for a more sophisticated yet subtle look, a turtleneck may be the perfect choice for you. Having a couple of different colored turtlenecks in your closet can come in handy for a lot of occasions. Whether you layer them with jackets or blazers or wear them on their own, turtlenecks provide an unmatched look.


At Square, you can get so many different types of sweaters that you’ll find it impossible to choose just one or two. It’s a good thing that these come at such affordable rates that you won’t regret splurging a little. Make sure that you have at least one solid color sweater in your closet, as well as some fancier ones.

Casual Clothing

No matter how many formal or semi-formal clothes you have in your closet, it is likely that you spend most of your time in your jeans and t-shirts. Casual clothing generally makes up most of your wardrobe. Therefore, it is necessary to get something that isn’t just comfortable and affordable but also looks good.

7.Hooded Jacket

A hooded jacket is great for all kinds of casual affairs. Whether you’re going to attend a class, hanging out with your friends, visiting your parents, going for a late-night walk with your girlfriend or wife, or taking your kids to the park, you can always depend on a hooded jacket. There is absolutely no reason not to have at least a couple of these essential clothing items in your closet, such as this navy hooded jacket.

8.Sleeved Polo

Being comfortable doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. Sleeved polos are the perfect example of comfort meeting style. Whether you opt for a solid colour-sleeved polo or one with a pattern, you can never go wrong.

9.Slim Fit Jeans

You probably already have a lot of jeans in your closet. However, a few high-quality slim-fit jeans are always a good addition. Unlike baggy, skinny, and regular fit jeans, slim fit jeans provide more versatility when you’re dressing up. Baggy or regular fit jeans wouldn’t be suitable for semi-formal events. On the other hand, skinny jeans may not be comfortable enough for a casual outing. This is why it is necessary to get a couple of slim-fit jeans.

Men’s Fashion Conclusion

As you can see, our store provides a wide variety of clothes for all occasions. So don’t believe the myth that there is a lack of men’s stylish clothing, and head over to our website to pick your best outfits today.

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